Saturday, September 07, 2002

and now ladies and gentlemen, Bappi Lahiri ...

The last we heard, Ms. Mangeshkar was suing Truth Hurts {refresh your memory}. And now, another contributor to the resurrected song that was sampled in Addictive surfaces with a 2-cent opinion. The voluble self-mocking (albeit unintentionally) over-the-top talented-but-shortchanging composer Bappi Lahiri. His interview with Screen is laced with classic Bappi-isms. What is ironic in his plan to take legal action is his status as the King of Copycats. Back in his days of glory, Bappi-da (cheaply) recycled tunes from the West into low-budget hits: Video Killed the Radio Star became Auva Auva, Beat It became Jee Lé. He even quoted In a Gadda Da Vida. May this ironic battle continue.

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