Saturday, September 28, 2002

the goodwill used book fair

Once again Chris triumphs in evoking memories of home: this time of those tireless visits to the book exhibitions at the Institution of Engineers, Pune. Like old-timers I have cause to whine about the declining "quality" of those exhibitions, but I remember them as a great activity I indulged in with Dad {Mom loved reading too, but you should have seen her face when she saw Dad and me walk in with another haul from yet another non-descript raddi {read: second-hand} book store in a strange pocket of town. Chris convinced me to accompany him to the famous second-hand book sale organized by the Goodwill Industries of North Georgia. As it turns out, from this year on, the annual event has become a quarterly event giving bookshelf fillers three times the joy of replenishing their stocks. Prices range from 50 cents to $4. And the proceeds go to benefit programmes for persons facing barriers to employment. I think that's a good cause in these times, and I know what such people have to go through. On with my purchase list:

* Fahrenheit 451/Ray Bradbury

* Something Wicked This Way Comes/Ray Bradbury

* Danse Macabre/Stephen King

* The Seven Per-Cent Solution/Nicholas Meyer {wherein Watson, to treat his friend's cocaine induced delusions, takes Holmes to Sigmund Freud} {also the source for the entertaining film of the same name}

* 5,000,000/Dread Zeppelin {tape}

* 461 Ocean Boulevard/Eric Clapton

* Real Love/... {a 2 song "single" tape release from The Beatles}

* Stand By Me: soundtrack {tape}

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