Thursday, September 19, 2002

Just for Fun

That's the title of the book Linus Torvalds (author of the Linux kernel) co-wrote with David Diamond. Well, the book he was expected to write. Don't expect the evangelical tone and content of Eric Raymond's cult work The Cathedral and the Bazaar. This book is an easy read, witty as well as engrossing. There's enough self-referential humour to assure readers that Linus is just being a simple individual who is still trying to come to terms with his evolution into an important icon in the Open Source/Free Software community, and not someone trying to sound overtly important. What was interesting was that I got to the portion of the book where he describes how he released version 1.0 of the kernel. The date was September 17, 1991. And here I was reading it 11 years later. Linux and Linus have come a long way ... of course, so have The Simpsons.

On a sad note, Priya Tendulkar who made Rajni a household name lost her fight with breast cancer at the age of 48.

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Amol Palekar remembers Priya Tendulkar

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