Tuesday, September 03, 2002

The hurting Truth: a painfully howlarious irony

Remember how Truth Hurts sampled a Lata Mangeshkar song for Addictive? {refresh your memory}. Well, turns out Ms Mangeshkar has decided to sue, for copyright infringement at that. What makes this funny is that we seem to be playing America for something that it seems to overdo rather well: enforce copyrights and trademarks and the like. The icing on this funny cake is that we have been one of the highest ranking violators of these laws and regulations, thanks to our talented composers, past and present. Something in the legal machinery prevents the US of A from taking drastic action and effectively reducing our "talent" to pebbles and dust. But clearly there are cogs that we can employ to bite the hand that feeds us, and even claim damages. Punitively, it all stinks. Ms. Mangeshkar just added another feather to her well-plumed cap of sin: first she refuses to stop singing like a harsh crow on a miserly pension (and people still call her the nightingale...jeez!) and now this. The Mangeshkar monopoly still exists in some sense, since even with her glass-shattering vocal excursions, she is clearly more talented than the current crop, who lack the range and dedication to music, enunciation and quality. 'Nuff said.

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