Thursday, September 05, 2002

Rated V for violins: Quadrigenarious French déja vu

We started watching Truffaut's classic The 400 Blows yesterday. The music (violins of course) that opens this 1959 film about childhood was strikingly 'Bollywoodian'. This triggered off a memory of It's a Man's World by James Brown, which opens with a flourish that seems almost sampled from a Hindi film. Guess we are not alone. Incidentally, The 400 Blows was the first French film to be shot in widescreen (2.35:1).

And yes, watching the rerun of The Wrath of Khan was quite entertaining (the "Khan!" moment must go down as Shatner's campiest).

Library hauls

This preceded the activity above. I picked up another handful of books at the Atlanta Fulton Public Library:

* Sliver/Ira Levin

* A Kiss Before Dying/Ira Levin

* Raga Mala: The autobiography of Ravi Shankar

* Prize Stories 2001: The O. Henry Awards

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