Saturday, September 07, 2002

More on Jyoti

So, the whole Lata Hurts incident had me curious, especially since the different aspects and implications of plagiarism have been of interest to me. I started browsing some newsgroups and Googling away to finally chance upon a page hosted by Yash Raj Films dedicated to the film. I scrolled down to the synopsis till my eyes stopped at the following:

...second wife Sunanda (Shashikala), who, to insure the position of her son as the only heir to Raja Saheb's huge fortunes, has reduced her stepson Govind (Jeetendra) to an illiterate opium addict.

That brought back a fragment of memory as I realised I had actually seen this movie!!! On the Sunday evening movie slot (courtesy good old Doordarshan) in the days when the evil Hydra-headed phenomenon of cable hadn't made its presence felt in India. I guess the next course of action is to get a copy of this film and complete the fragment of memory. Strange are the events of life that trigger memories you never remembered (yeah, I know that sounds corny. It must be the heat getting to me).

Library Hauls

To add to my growing pile of books, I picked up Richard Schickel's biography of Clint Eastwood as well as The Killing Man, a 1986 Mike Hammer book.

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