Thursday, February 05, 2004

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In California, basil is a vegetable. A big bunch costs $1.79. In Arkansas, basil is an herb. It still costs $1.79, but it comes in a little plastic zip bag containing about ten leaves ... {Leonard Richardson}

It's ironic how most Indians living in the United States desperately strive to create a mini India inside their homes, while outside their homes they?re busy trying to live up to the Jones?. In India there are people who are struggling to create an American atmosphere (the language, the fastfood etc.) at home, if not, struggling even more to come to the United States. It's very difficult balancing the part of their identity they give up to be American-ised and the part of identity they preserve to remain Indian. After almost four years, I still fail to comprehend who is fooling whom? ... {Tharunya's}

Why does corporate America insist on taking your job away from you if you're good at it and serve it up as a promotion? ... {Fast Company Now}

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