Wednesday, February 04, 2004

HAA HAA kaar

Paresh Rawal found a dude called Sudarshan Rattan and a group of associates (including two people called Kukoo and Cuckoo) to make a film that he could hog. Clearly, this has to be the reason a film called Haahaakaar was ever made. Alok Nath plays a Muslim righteous police inspector. Paresh (complete with wig and bland cheap wardrobe) plays his evil step brother Raunak, an antisocial corrupt baddie. Alok Nath begins to work on a VVIP File (conveniently coloured red and labelled "V.V.I.P File" for the benefit of blind viewers) that will lead to the arrest of Raunak and his gang (which includes the clichéd corrupt politician played by Sudhir Pande, corrupt policemen including Shafi Inamdar's Inspector Pradhan). There's a love triangle of sorts (although one vertex, Neelima Azeem, is credited for a "very special appearance", knocking her out of the running). Akshay Anand swings between being clean-shaven and sporting a fake-moustachioed look. Chandni (last seen in Sanam Bewafa) touts her assets and oomph, while providing more ham to the proceedings. Shreeram Lagoo (who does not die in this film) spends his time making faces like he was embarassed at inadvertant flatulence or a bad early-morning shave. The song-track (an audio CD seems to be available) from Bappi Lahiri includes badly written gems like pyaar kaa ek hii ##exam## hotaa hai, koii fail hotaa hai, koii paas hotaa hai, ## i like you i care for you i need you i love you## and hello mr handsome (which includes a dress belt comprising paper hearts with years written on them!). The dialogue is loaded with gems and there are even some visuals that aim at art: a parrot in a cage in the foreground reflecting Amita's (Chandni) captivity, a left-to-right receding shot featuring an XCU of a loaned police kii Topii, Alok Nath, a famous sidey playing a corrupt policeman, and Akshay Anand. Lots of bad (enjoyable) moments. The only Haahaakaar ends up being of the HAA-HAA kind. Most welcome.

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