Saturday, February 21, 2004

nine queens: mamet in buenos aires

Whatever I had read about Fabián Bielinsky's wonderful con caper flick Nueve reinas when it hit the theatres (and I missed it!) gave me Mamet-ian nudges (what with things as old as The Spanish Prisoner [blog post] and as new as Heist). Turns out this film owes something to an older Mamet flick called House of Games (note to self: grab this). There were no surprises in the storyline -- probably because I've seen so many of these films already. However, the journey oftens offers more rewards than the destination itself. And on that note, this film did not disappoint. Soderbergh's assistant director Gregory Jacobs has decided to make his directorial début with Criminal, the American version of this film. Not sure how I should feel about that.

it's a wonder how Bollywood manages to come up with drivel and crap as the years go by. it's a wonder how American mainstream cinema seems to be inching closer to Bollywood. but what is really wonderful is that there is hope out there. I love con and heist films. And this film is a good addition to the list. The surprises are not what makes the film worth it. Somehow there's a feeling that we are in on everything. The Rita Pavone hook adds a closure of realism to the proceedings. Simple. Elegant. Entertaining. What's so difficult about all this? Aah yes, these guys had a script. Bollywood never knew what that was. Still doesn't.

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