Tuesday, February 03, 2004

petrels and papyrii ... kiss kiss

JR unveils a new blog dedicated to quizzing. Interrobang is a great name. The URL, should you choose to read it, refers to the primary ingredients of those memorable Saturday afternoons at the COEP (renamed to the horrendous PIET) Boat Club Lawns: notes (referring to scraps, sheets and files of paper with questions and random connections scribbled on them) and stones (aimed at the quizmaster for coming up with either a permanent groaner or another edition to the annals of great questions). This does not mean that the blog is devoted to nostalgia. And it's not even for posting questions either. This is a place for exchanging thoughts, ideas and patent-pending algorithms for organising quizzes, coming up with questions and the like. No affiliations to professional/commercial/pretentious/all of the above organizations that have made this their occupation.

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