Wednesday, February 04, 2004

return of the ebay troll

At long last my mites.

* BOLLYWOOD PSYCH JAZZ FUNK BREAKS KHIL: KHIL 45 EP by BAPPI LAHIRI (1977): Funky,sometimes psychish,sometimes jazzy dreamy Bollywood EP 45! Funky basslines and guitar licks mixed with sax and psychish organs. Tremendous upbeat jazzy vibraphone workout. Mystical acoustic guitar lines. Great orchestral stuff. Bellsy xylophone. All around great and hard to describe. Playback singers are Kishore Kumar, Amit Kumar,Sulakshana Pandit,and Yesudas.

* BOLLYWOOD FUNK SYNTH BRASS BREAKS SHAH: SHAH by ?(1987): {what the auctioneer is referring to is a vinyl of Amar-Utpal's soundtrack for Shahenshah}

* BOLLYWOOD FUNK MOOG PSYCH BREAKS DADHI/INSANE PSYCH GOGO HIPPIE FREAKOUT INDIA STYLE: DADHI EP 45 by ?(1974): VERY rare soundtrack. AMAZING LISTEN. THIS IS AN EP 45! You've never heard anything like this ever,Bollywood or otherwise. Best described: Let's drop acid and play what comes to our head. Gogo psychedelic organ stabs,brass,electric and bass guitars. Crazy vibraphone lines. Funky guitar lines. Early reggae sounding track with sick horns and moog stabs. Interesting and sometimes hilarious singing. Scat vocals. It is all here on this little 45. One of the best Bollywood pieces I have, and it keeps getting better on every listen!Playback singers are IS Johar,Bhagwan, Sunder,Maruti,Bappi Lahiri,Kishore Kumar,and Asha Bhosle.

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