Wednesday, February 18, 2004

journey to the center of the earth

I picked up this DVD only to give Bernard Herrmann's score a listen. The cue for the opening credits alone, with its mix of church organ tones, brass and cymbals, was worth it. The film itself is a heavily modified version of Jules Verne's novel. All the spectacular sights are clearly sets, but quite well done. And there are several enjoyable moments in the film, a lot of them being staple representations of films in this period. James Mason is entertaining, and this marks one of the few occasions I have seen him in a non-villainous role, and more so in an upbeat mood. Pat Boone is a annoyance for the most part, and especially so, whenever he breaks into song. These elements reminded me of the way Bollywood works. And the sad part is we are still doing the same thing even in the 21st century.

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