Saturday, August 13, 2005

the strange things that bring people here

Thanks to having installed a StatCounter tracker I've found out how many different combinations of Google searches can bring someone to this place. There are innocuous ones like "maqbool montage", "kumar sanu blog" (the horror! the horror!), "background frightening music of darna mana hai for download". Then there are the usual salacious searches like "c grade soft porn movies heroine", "peeya rai choudhuri naked", "diya mirza naked", and the impressive "archana puran singh's hot pictures". The usual leer-friendly stuff that's also topical: "which film actress played manoj bajpai's sister in pinjar" and "sandali sinha prostitution" (most probably in connection with this, except that I'm not sure if the news article got the part wrong about "Manoj Bajpai's sister" (Sandali Sinha played Sanjay Suri's sister; not sure if Bajpai's character's sister had too much screen time, if at all)). And we end with the bizarre "mohan lal gay" and "bappi lahiri destroyed in flood" (oh how dare you think such things!!).

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