Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Back from a day in Orlando, FL. Universal was great. More on that once I get rid of this nasty cold.

Pancham on eBay

R D BURMAN HUM KISSIE INDIAN FUNK OST LP RARE (note: link will become stale once the auction is over): This is an original indian only issue soundtrack lp by "Rahul Dev Burman" and is called "HUM KISSIE HUM NAHEEN" this is a fat ass indian lp with the ill tune "chand mera dil" some mad wah wah raw drama horns and pure bollywood funk and mad up "bachna ae haseeno" starts with a wicked mellow groove great for samples and then intosome ill drama indian music...wicked sounds.....also there are mad timbermand style samples on this indian lp along side some ill spacey and electronic solo sounds for samples....solid and rare ass lp by india's top soundtarck composser ....on the emi record label from the yeasr 1977 in near mint condition...

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