Thursday, March 07, 2002

HEERA PANNA INDIAN OST!!!BURMAN CLUB KILLER!! (note: link will become stale once the auction is over): R.D. BURMAN - HEERA PANNA ost (ODEON/EMI, India, 1973)�Indian ost from SHALIMAR to GREAT GAMBLER always got the hype on the web during these last years. Now and because you�ve been all gentle with yo mama�your host is proud to present you another 2lust obscurity with this superb Burman�s ost!!!!Music is a mix a sitar, percussions sprinkled of lotsa nice dialogue parts but the killer is on the B-side:Freak-Out Music, as it is!!!!A PURE GIANT PSYCHOTIC MOOG, ORGAN AND PERCUSSIONS track that will kicked your mind in psychedelic spheres!!!!Perfect to jerk all night long @ drugy parties!!!!!Right up there with JP MIROUZE �Sexopolis� in my book!!!!INCREDIBLE RECORD!!!!!A MUST for DJs and producers!!!!!�..

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