Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Bollywood extra (aka garam garam khabar)

The latest buzz in Bollywood is the Salman-Aishwarya-Vivek triangular saga of love and suffering, star style. The Salman-Aishwarya relationship has provided rich fodder for the glamour-gossip mills for a long time now and their activities have involved arguments, violence (denied publicly, condemned privately), and improvisational career choices (dropping films, signing on other films to compensate for black eyes ... etc etc). This new event brings in some fresh talent[sic] to the fore -- hot star Vivek Oberoi (son of famed baddie/character actor Suresh Oberoi -- whom I prefer to his son) who called a press conference last week to announce that he had received death threats from Salman. He claims that Salman, drunk as it were, had accused him of "physical relationships with Aishwarya Rai, Diya Mirza, Rani Mukherjee and Somy Ali, whom I met some seven years ago." Salman laughed the incident away saying "Vivek is a kid who is paranoid about something." He also denied mentioning the underworld (to which he has a rather strong but sparsely documented connection) to Vivek. Listen to the press conference held on April Fools Day online [WARNING: Link could go stale in the future]. And if you haven't already hit the floor in paroxysms of uncontrollable laughter, check out the astrological take on the whole issue (PS: you could grab some tips on calculating your own soul number). Salman's brother Arbaaz denied Vivek's allegations {alternate take} (although Vivek claimed to have received support from Salman's brothers). {courtesy: JR}

On a different note, 3D seems to be making a comeback in Indian cinema. Chota Chetan/My Dear Kuttichaatan fans rejoice (that includes me, in some sense: memories of catching the film in Mangala talkies; memories of buying 3D comics). I want my goggles.

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