Tuesday, April 22, 2003


The train is approaching my station and I'm buried in The Best American Movie Writing: 1999, reading David Denby's rant about audiences and movie marketing, when the speaker crackles. I expect the usual announcement about the next station and the transfers possible therefrom. Instead, the lady begins:I'd like to share something with you all ... something I read yesterday... A good friend is very hard to find ... but when you find him, hold on to him with both hands. ... Interesting thought isn't it?. My first reaction is one of shock. I get a flash of an image of Samuel L Jackson intoning "The path of the righteous man is beset ...". And I know what comes after that. Bang-bang. Finito. My next vision is of this train operator walking down the train cars with an automatic, spraying commuters and railmaps with ammo. Lead. Screams. Darkness. The end. Inappropriately overboard reaction, yes. She's probably recovering from a bad relationship (or just got into a good one). But this is definitely something out of the pages of "Outrageous Clichéd Endings from and for Chick Flicks and Feel-Good Romantic Fluff".

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