Tuesday, April 01, 2003

dinner splurge and keaton keaton keaton

Overate (nay, harvested) at a dinner buffet at Dynasty Garden on Northlake Parkway. Their lunch buffet has an even greater price. The only thing Chinese about this place is the service staff. Even the muzak and most of the dishes are American. Still no regrets as I proceeded to dig into all things chicken (sesame, general tso, teriyaki, sweet and sour, pepper, wings) as well as steamed and fried rice, french fried [verbatim], dumplings and some hot and sour soup. All washed down with sweet iced tea. Topped with some chocolate ice cream. A few burps later, I was back home.

Caught two featurettes on the same DVD as The General: The Playhouse (whose great Keaton ensemble and self-referential digs should evoke some reverse déjà vu in fans of Being John Malkovich) and Cops, both rich with Keaton's antics. Each time I watch a Keaton film, I begin to support the contention that he was a better comedian than Chaplin (a belief similar to the one that Marlowe was better than Shakespeare). But YMMV.

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