Wednesday, April 02, 2003

weathering a cat fight

To put this bizarre headline in context: been living with two cats for a while now, a feisty energetic lithe bundle and her sister, the silent thinking/brooding (plump) feline. The latter went into a surprise isolation hiss-fest on Sunday night. Snugly ensconced in the recess below my bed, she defended her corner with growls, hisses and linguistic vituperations straight out of The Exorcist (her age dispelled any notion of her having worked as a dubbing artist for the movie). I'm not sure what the appropriate reaction was, but I was rather tickled with the whole enterprise. A hiss-sparring ensued for the next couple of days. Finally emerging out of her hideout today morning, she proceeded (with her sister) to indulge in some down-to-carpet Matrix-ian manoeuvres (complete with Dolby sound effects out of the Alien saga). She finally selected a new battle trench -- below the kitchen sink. So now I have to make sure I don't mistake her hisses for rice cooker whistles.

That said, I must say something for the excellent weather this week, especially today: warm, sunny, with a clear sky.

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