Tuesday, April 15, 2003

recent reads

I found Peopleware: Productivity, Projects and Teams to be a much more readable book than the Brooks classic. I got the first edition from the public library and while it's heavily dated (an observation based solely on the date of publication), it still remains relevant to development teams both within and without the software development/information technology milieu.

Michael Crichton's Timeline was not as well received as his previous bestsellers. By blending science and the rules and norms of mainstream bestseller fiction, in addition to bending the rules of science, Crichton created a mini-genre of his own and Timeline seems to fit it well. I picked it off the library shelf on a whim and am pleased to note that it is a page turner. The need to stay within and conform to the mainstream/bestseller guidelines results in passages that ring false, but then I wasn't asking for 'classic' literature was I?

Related: Just in case you were thinking that multiverses were a product of Crichton's fertile imagination, try a brief history of the multiverse according to the NYTimes and Scientific American's cover story for this month (concidence, what?) on Parallel Universes.

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