Thursday, April 24, 2003

roast mules

When I picked up Ira Levin's Son of Rosemary, I was prepared for what it offered: the inevitable apocalyptic showdown between good and evil (last seen in the final sequel in the Omen canon) along with descriptions of the ease with which the devil's son (in this case) had become part of society. What I wasn't prepared for was the way Levin worked his way through this sequel, starting off 27 years after the events of the original novel, with Rosemary waking up from her coma. The book was a fast easy read, very typical of Levin's style. I should have expected the neat twist at the end (after all this is the guy who wrote A Kiss Before Dying), which put a different spin on everything that had happened till then. Recommended as a light alternative to heavy prosaic (prozac?) "literary" tomes. As for the title of this post: Go read the book.

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