Thursday, April 17, 2003

SARS comes to India

Watching the news has recently been an exercise in mundaneness: Dubya continues to swagger like a helium-brained superstar getting applause on one-liners worse than the worst PJs I have ever heard; the Iraq war[sic] expenses are rising; The US still hasn't found any weapons of mass destruction (or "mass distraction" as Michael Moore described them) in Iraq (remind me again why they went there in the first place); SARS. The only consolation I had was that India had so far been free of any SARS. Until today. A 32-year old Marine Engineer returned to Goa from Singapore and Hong Kong will make it to the record books, sadly, as the first reported and clinically confirmed case of SARS. There goes all the tourism market in Goa for a while. The fear has now hit the nation. With its mass-media circus framework in place, the US currently reigns for levels of paranoia related to SARS. A prayer for a swift resolution of this situation.

On a related(?) note, Paul McCartney's flu germs are up for sale on eBay.

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