Monday, March 27, 2006

furthering titular abuse [last post in thread]

Despite all odds, charaNadaas chor aka Priyadarshan, is relishing the success of Malamaal Weekly. He has decided to celebrate by launching his next. This guy's faster than rabbits. The film's called Bhagam Bhag. No plot details yet so we won't be able to figure out what his influences will be, but the title's an unfortunate case of reuse. Does anyone remember a 1956 movie of the same name made by Bhagwan Dada? If not the film itself, how about a Kishore/Rafi song for O P Nayyar that went "he baabuu ye hai zamaanaa teraa he baabuu"?

Taking bets now for a future Priyadarshan flick called Maya Machindra, which will benefit both from the A R Rahman song in Indian [the howlarious lyrics of the dubbed Hindi version] and from the old Nirupa Roy starrer (didn't know there was one did ya?)

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