Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Shiva: not for the faint of heart

A trailer (RealMovie) for the Hindi edition of RGV's Shiva [more here] is out. The taglines seem a little too amateur, but the impact of the violence is undeniable. Strong Shool vibes so far, instead of any sign of the Shiva that made RGV famous or the James that sent people running to the hills for mercy. Current RGV favourite Mohit "James" Ahlawat plays a cop fresh out of the academy who is appalled by the harsh reality of the world around him; his co-star from James, Nisha "uninhibited-Urmila-clone" Kothari, plays a crime reporter. Déjà vu. No attempt's being made to try and provide audiences with a "novel" story. It's all going to be an exercise in execution (no pun intended). Don't mind. Give me a nicely executed no-nonsense action flick instead of a brain-dead In your face, Sanjay Gupta [last post in that series]

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