Thursday, March 23, 2006

quixtar redux

First: relevant flashback

The present. The following is a transcription (not verbatim) of a recent conversation. The players: YT and two friends A and B. Other friends were present as well, hence phrases like "all around the table" appear.

A (to YT): So I met this guy from your college the other day at a Wal*Mart ...
[murmurs all around the table ... Quixtar, Amway]
A: No he didn't start the usual "business proposal" nonsense; Nice fellow; There's a yachting club or something near your college ...?
YT: Yes, the Boat Club; what was this fellow's name?
A (searches wallet): He gave me his business card ...
[more murmurs ... aha!] Aah. Here.
YT (looks at the card; smiles; laughs): Quixtar, dude. I know this guy ... (YT proceeds with the flashback)
[B is laughing]
B: What was his name again?
A, YT: ____________
B (laughing): Yep! I know this guy too.

Word of advice to the concerned individual: Given that statistically it's not so easy for you to rise up that pyramid to make a killing, and given that a lot of local people have already been warned about the likes of you, it might be a good idea to (a) relocate (b) quit hounding desiis and making "friendly desii in Wal*Mart" an unfortunate cliché (c) use this new-found confidence and glib demeanour for a good cause (like trying to convince enough people in power to lobby the US Government to revamp the procedures at the US consulate and to stop making the Green Card an NP-complete goal.

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