Sunday, March 26, 2006

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Daboo Sippy, who was responsible for the Mithun boxing vehicle Boxer (duh!), is all set to direct Mimoh in Jimmy. Mithun Chakraborty presents the film (this is probably the closest he'll get to his son's films, because he's already gone public about letting the kid do his own thing). Co-star Zulfi Syed wasn't so bad in Chupke Se, but I get the feeling not many people really cared for that flick. Strangely enough, one report has Naresh Malhotra (with an impressive[sic] ouevre that includes Yeh Dillagi, Achanak [the one starring Govinda], Kranti [the one with Bobby Deol] and Dil ka Rishta) listed as the director of Jimmy. [more]

update: [march 28, 2006]: Anand Raj Anand's doing the mu{sic}al honours.

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