Saturday, March 11, 2006

priyadarshan originality alert

Consider an Indian avataar of Pinocchio. Let's give him a desii moustache and sunglasses. Since Pinocchio's a foreign name, we have to "adapt" it to fit the desii palette. So, his name becomes Priyadarshan.

After having showered cinema halls with the fruits (Garam Masala, Kyon Ki, ) of his filmmaking incontinence the multi-tier remake raajaa has now unleashed the force of Malamaal Weekly (how iTrans-unfriendly!) upon us. And he also loads his interviews with interesting quotes:

"I have had my fill of remakes. Both 'Kyon Ki' and 'Garam Masala' were remakes of my own Malayalam films. My next release, 'Malamaal Weekly', is totally and absolutely original. I am willing to offer a prize money to anyone who catches me out remaking anything this time"

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This is a golden opportunity, dear readers, to milk the cash cow. As noted before in this space over a year ago and again recently, this is nothing but a Bollywood-isation of Waking Ned Devine. Be warned, however. P might actually argue semantics when you approach him for the prize -- after all, he might've meant that he had had his fill of remaking his own movies (some remakes themselves, to begin with). Almost like buying clothes from the tailors in India instead of getting them at your friendly neighbourhood Rich's-Macy's. This is in keeping with Bollywood's recent confidence in illicitly adapting source material even before the authorised American versions hit the marquee (Zinda, Naina).

He also can't leave the Malayali thread hanging can he?:

"I am in a totally original frame of mind this time. In fact, 'Malamaal Weekly' is already being remade into Malayalam by my assistant Murli"

As if that wasn't enough for a trumpet solo, he ensues into a brass flourish in an interview where he compares this rip-off to Malgudi Days. Time for Swami and friends to re-enact Ankush:

What finally inspired you to make an original Hindi film?
Oh, that has a very simple answer — I have exhausted all my films that could be remade for a national audience!

Who are your own icons as a filmmaker?
Well, I was a fan of Bharathan, Bharati Raja and Mani Ratnam. But at one point, I myself realised that I had crossed them. Though I have liked many recent films, none of them has stunned me into thinking, 'Man! Why can't I make something like that!'

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