Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Another search engine, return of the Google server error and crawling Flash

Just read about Sprinks. It's a pay-per-click search engine that allows advertisers to "place targeted ads across the web on a high-quality network of web properties". Guess the beast of online advertising still has some life in it.

Something I noticed early this year apparently recurred this month and a lot of people noticed. Wonder what's cooking at Google...

Macromedia (they that are responsible for a cool technology that's actually inappropriate for the Web, is trying to get search engines in a bid to raise the visibility of Flash-created content, which is frequently passed over in Web indexes. They've got a toolkit out that converts a Flash file's text and links into HTML for indexing and they're hoping that crawlers for search engines will incorporate this in their voyage across the Internet. So far, AllTheWeb is the only one biting. Google reports that it can extract links from Flash pages but has not adopted the toolkit. Danny Sullivan of SearchEngineWatch rightly states the problem: "It's nice that they are talking, but you still have this issue that a lot of Flash content isn't textual, i.e., (it's) full of images, (music) and logos".

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