Tuesday, March 04, 2003

lata screams

well really!, this time. The aging nightingale of India retaliated with a "Why are people hellbent on dissecting what I'm doing? Why can't I be left alone? -- when Rajya Sabha MP Shabana Azmi objected to Lata's regular absence from the Upper House. And the article concludes by quoting her: "I'm a singer and I understand only music. What do I have to do in the Rajya Sabha? Honestly, I go there and just sit... I was never interested in this prestigious offer in the first place. But I took it up on the request of somebody who I have high regard for. And it's for his sake that I've been silent." Well Ma'am, the Upper House of Parliament, despite the poor opinion a lot of people have about it, ain't a park you know. If you never thought you could devote the least modicum of support to the responsibilities demanded by the position you are in, you should have stuck with singing (asserted yourself, as it were). We can't have the proverbial cake and proverbially eat it too, can we?

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