Wednesday, March 12, 2003

it happens only in america {with due regard to anand raj anand}

The US Department of Homeland Security [sic], an affiliate of Dubya's modular framework to secure[sic] American homes in the event of attack, has long since manifested as a web presence. The department's legendary suggestion has been, of course, "that citizens buy duct tape and plastic sheeting to seal windows in case of an attack with biological, chemical or radioactive weapons". Clearly, high schooling has not been a very important issue for the powers that be. To say they didn't do a good job with the website either is to state the obvious. And since the French support for the American stand on Iraq has been lacking, the Government of the US of A has decided to retort in very typical fashion, sans cogent coherent and informed tact. They've decided to ban all things French. And start calling them Freedom.
In vim this would be a regular expression: :%s/[Ff]rench/freedom/g (no special handling of case there). This means new phrases like freedom fries, freedom kissing, freedom rolls, freedom toast and the like. Creative Loafing had an interesting cartoon strip (sorry, didn't find it online) on the hilarious possibilities of this action. Officials at the French Embassy were kind enough to point out that french fries actually come from Belgium. {inputs: laxmi, chris}

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