Saturday, March 08, 2003

more books

The bad news was that a branch of Kudzu Books [a book chain in Atlanta] in North Decatur has decided to close. The good news is that they have a closing sale (and it's similar to the last time I visited them. I've also updated that post in the meantime). So I decided to go in and get some more books cheap. Apart from the fact that they had shipped all the computer books to another branch, I wasn't disappointed.

* Me and Hitch: Evan Hunter's slim memoir about his experiences working with Alfred Hitchcock on The Birds. I had read an extract when Sight and Sound reviewed this book in their June 1997 issue (must add a little plug of nostalgia for the veritable British Library branch on Fergusson College Road in Pune).

* Projections 7: Film-Makers on Film-Making. There's a whole series here, but this one had several magic words associated with it: Cahiers du Cinema, Martin Scorsese, Janet Leigh, Orson Welles, Psycho

* Making Meaning in Indian Cinema. It was so cool to find a compendium of Indian film criticism (by Indian writers) in an American book store -- and cheap too. Titles like "Kaadalan and the politics of resignification fashion, violence and the body" promise interesting reading

* Paul Verhoeven. An English translation of a biography of the interesting and controversial filmmaker

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