Wednesday, March 19, 2003

khaté {for linguistic reasons, this will make sense only to people with an Indian background}

So here's a nice spicy PJ (aka another entrant into the khaté family, as a friend would put it). There's this industrialist dude called ram swaroop narayan, who, because of his accumulated assets, found cause and funding to invest in pastoral retreat of his own complete with pool, jacuzzi and the works. He named the retreat after his wife. Now with general airplane chaos, baggage claim issues and rerouting, a Chinese dude happened to end up at this resort. Now Narayan had set up an exquisite state-of-the-art alarm system which combined the latest in electronics and artificial intelligence. This system was configured to send him alerts of unexpected events such as this one. The question is: what was the alert that the system sent out? Also, based on this alert, can you figure out the name of Narayan's wife?

The alert was Ram Teri Ganga Mein Lee. Needless to say, Ram's wife's name was Ganga.

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