Tuesday, March 25, 2003

travelling stops

Started off searching for updates on RSS aggregators and ended up reading Would you change your blogging habits if ...: Imagine you have a blog with a couple hundred folks who read it on a semi-regular basis. Some of them are your co-workers. Further imagine that you work for one of the world's best known tech brands. Finally, suppose that you know at least two of your company's vice president's read (or have read) your blog. A former colleague of mine used to read my blog frequently and stated different reasons/benefits: he could see me thinking these thoughts; he could find out what I had been up to once I left for the day or the week; he didn't really have to talk to me during work (thus saving valuable clock cycles and getting more done). Another decided to start his own blog. A lot of other friends (peers, juniors) also got bitten by the blog bug and started their own blogs. While I don't really use my blog to exorcise my deepest fears and feelings (which would make this a really irritating read after a very very short while), I do let it dig deeper than being simply a superficial navel-gazing saga. I enjoy it. I've made a lot of new friends thanks to my blog (I can see people going "and lost some old friends too", but that has never happened -- this just gives my old friends a reason to chide).

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