Monday, March 31, 2003

buster keaton: then and later

Caught The General again last week (Wednesday to be precise) and like the other Keaton enterprises, it's hilarious and entertaining. Like Harold Lloyd, Keaton did his own stunts and his films are (more often than not) showcases of his ability to mix humour and daring physical exercises in timing and synchronization (eg. Clearing the railway track of fallen logs -- best seen than described). Caught a glimpse of In The Good Old Summertime and noticed Keaton, now years older, but still recognisable. Some IMDB fishing told me that he had also co-directed this Judy Garland vehicle. That was consoling -- I was almost worried that Keaton had gone the way of Bhagwan (who started off with the smash Albela and then, failing to capitalize on his fame and fortune, was relegated to supporting roles requiring him to indulge in antics ranging from bland to mildly amusing to coarse and insulting).

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