Friday, March 21, 2003

movies music ... spring!

Got my first Mithun DVDs (on rent of course) from Taj yesterday. Marked a little bright spot in an otherwise foggy cloudy gloomy clammy day. There was Bapu's Hum Paanch and the Mithun-Puru Raj Kumar action flick[sic] Khatron Ke Khiladi (not to be confused with the early Madhuri Dixit starrer of the same name). The latter choked my DVD player, which was rather unfortunate, since it offered loads of B-entertainment. The former worked just fine (it was an Eros/B4U DVD after all). I managed to finish my first viewing of Hum Paanch, and I should be able to post some thoughts later.

Coming soon/watch this space: the synopses of both movies (for your reading pleasure[sic]).

Also got m'self some more music yesterday from the hidden alcove of music in Texas Sari Sapn�, right next to Taj. There was Satya, Zulmi (why this Dilip Sen-Sameer Sen scored Akshay Kumar-Twinkle dud? For the sole uncredited song composed by the late R D Burman), The Golden Collection - A Great Team: Asha Bhosle and R D Burman (another unimaginatively titled compilation from HMV featuring no real novelties from their rotting collection, except for the sole [to my knowledge] song from Teesra Kaun: album details and track listing), and Mehbooba (being the 'classics forever' remastered with bits of dialogue release, rare on CD for some reason, but sorely missing the title song sung by Kishore Kumar).

The Indian calendar for 2003 on sale at Taj yesterday had today (Friday, March 21, 2003) marked as the beginning of Spring. Scoff all you want but that's exactly what has happened. It's bright, sunny and clear outside. And TGIF. I sometimes wonder if the weather actually is controlled by administrative secret agencies that we are unaware of (ref: The Matrix, The Truman Show).

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