Tuesday, December 30, 2003

abhay: fearless sfx, but no narrative

The film is based on Kamal saar's novel Dayam. Yet the one thing it lacks is a strong script and screenplay. As with other KH ventures it lacks cohesion and character development. It scores in the SFX department, but the effects shots are paced and timed badly -- making them stick out like Godzilla's sore thumbs. And KH delivering poetry is both irritating and bellyachingly funny. Of note: the animation-mixed psychedelic sequence after Abhay has a drug fix; the conversation that KH and RT have during their suhaag raat. Everything else could have been so much better. KH deserves kudos for his attempt, but one begins to wonder if there is some truth to the rumours that KH is intent on feeling up the beautiful bounty of starlets in the name of art and fame.

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