Wednesday, December 31, 2003


Rudraksh {last seen on this blog}: The album opens up with the addictive catchy peppy ishq Khudaa_ii (Shankar Ehsaan Loy suffering from a mild DCH hangover :ko_ii kahe kahataa rahe), where Krishna(?) does an NFAK takeoff. Don't even bother looking for lyrical complexity or depth. This is a straight run for the dance floor. The beats barely die out before resurfacing on Vishal-Shekhar's ishq nashaa. Sunidhi Chauhan, a clear veteran on stuff like this, is joined by Shaan and some guitar riffs in the interludes. Electronically treated heavy breathing opens kyaa dard hai (indeed!). Richa Sharma is the main voice on this one, with Shankar Mahadevan providing occasional vocal support. The quality of lyrics takes a shot in the arm. dil kii aahe.n opens with a bonus: Sunil Shetty delivering a bit of dialogue ensuring instant cultification of the track. The synth riff that follows sounds part Vangelis, but seems dangerously familiar. Wish I could put my finger on it. Shashi Pritam(?) is the composer, and Mast Ali is responsible for the lyrics and as KK and Chitra (a dreaded combination if you remember MPKDH) deliver the song, I'm trying hard to figure out where I've heard this melody before. Shades of the title track off Darna Mana Hai, definitely. Another small SS voice bit precedes bole Dole. The flute piece hits the déjà nerve again. Some new vocalist called Sandeep Bhaurnik(?) joins Chitra for this "romantic" song. Aah, I sense vibes from dil hii dil me.n from Dum, and ishq hu_aa from Ishq. And the composer himself guests with a throated vocal -- not too impressed was I. SEL return with the title track featuring Sanskrit intonations and a beat-heavy aural drench. Effective. Unless I see SS walking in slow-mo on screen for this one. paritraaNaaya ... sambhavaamii yuge yuge reappears. And finally ishq Khudaa_ii appears in remixed[sic] form followed by an instrumental version of kyaa dard hai.

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