Wednesday, December 10, 2003

scattered thoughts

stupid clouds. dark gloomy outside. gloomy inside. my desk is the only one below a misplaced tubelight. and it's not even directly below it. scattered light bouncing off my hutch. tinted with non-whites shades. ian paice rocks the joint on the mule, immediately justifying my recent purchase of the remastered made in japan. wonder why pancham's excellent compositions (tuning vijay anand's lyrics, no less) for ghungroo ki awaaz never got their due. perhaps the on-screen presence of the ever-aging goldie had something to do with it. but did he look worse on screen with madame Ré than manoj kumar did in clerk singing rakh giitaa pe haath? this coffee stinks. metaphorically speaking. the bug i had yesterday seems to have vanished for good. till later? enterprise development looks like the most subtle oxymoron in a long while. are all proxy servers running on windows boxes destined for periodic reboots? a recent computer security scorecard assigned dismal grades to u.s. agencies including failing grades to the U.S. Department of Justice, as well as the departments of Homeland Security, Energy, Health and Human Services, Interior, Agriculture, Housing and Urban Development, and State for failing to protect their computer networks.

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