Wednesday, December 03, 2003

scary thoughts

Hit blogdex after a long long time today, and my eyes stopped at a pointer to a recent post on Philip Greenspun's blog titled why pretend to care about others when we have professional therapists?. That's a very disturbing idea, and being cynical and downbeat about the future of humanity (especially in the U S of A, where I subsist of late), I believe him. Brrr! And then there was an old post (Outsourcing to India in Business Week and at MIT...) I also read earlier in the day (via /.) about the outsourced roots of M. I. T's open courseware project.

The USEFI (US Educational Foundation in India) has announced the Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) programme to provide teachers from India the opportunity to visit the US next year for a period of nine to ten months.

Still in keeping with the title of this post, The TOI having nothing better to do (as always) invites reader[sic] contributions to the post-interval storyline of the recent box-office sensation from Karan Johar (as writer/producer) and Nikhil Advani (as unknown director), Kal Ho Naa Ho. While I had wanted to put together a piece of opinion (integrating my own and that of others on either side of the national fence: indian/PIO-NRI), I'll have to wait till I actually catch the flick. In the meantime, relish Harish's vitriol.

Hmm, they've switched a different longer but narrower size of paper in the men's washroom ...

Someone has a brainwave[sic] of trying to hire U. S. programmers at overseas salaries ... apparently it works ... the inevitable downside (America's standard of living would inevitably decline) may not be acceptable to this consumer paradise... Must one note that this would mean that it would make it tougher for H1-B jobs, because the U. S. Department of Labour grades of employee salaries are not liable to change for a long time ... which means a lot of irate Americans, who think that Indian IT workers in general work more for a lower wage (and somehow fail to understand that H1-B employment has more restrictions than the residents do), are liable to be pleased as well ... {link courtesy: Sujeet}

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