Tuesday, December 09, 2003

mistah kurtz he dead

/Dev/Anand is the latest proud[sic] recipient of the Dada Saheb Phalke award. At least there are some laughs to be derived from the Rediff note. Stalwart Pran was also in the running. I don't know whom I'd prefer (although "anyone but Dev Anand" is the dominant sentiment). Last year it was tripe master Yash Chopra. The list of past recipients has been a mixed bag. Notable exceptions include Pancham (and this is not because I'm a fan) and Dada Burman, at the very least. To quote fellow Panchamite and Bappi fan[sic] Shashi: think in 2005 Boppi [will] get [the] Grammy...Dev Anand [will] get [the] Oscar...both [will] then make [a] movie - directed by Vijay Anand...starring Suneil Anand...with Dev-saab in strategic role...Bappa the upcoming mijic arranger...Rema solo singer....

Corny headline for the day: Dubey's ghost wakes up PM, probe ordered

The "can this really be true" moment: Coke apparently paid Sushmita Sen Rs 1.45 crore to keep mum on sexual harrasment charges she had made against their marketing exec ...

And the next film from the RGV syndicate seems to be Ek Haseena Thi ...

Why does the news that Urmila will star in a video for Indo-Pak integration have a suggestive photograph accompanying it? Are we going to use female wiles to lure people into peace?

And on the Bappi note, BL fans everywhere have a lot to look forward to ... (more about Bikram's Lounge)

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