Tuesday, December 02, 2003

thoughts and listens

I stand at the bus stop wondering about the indian classical music I need to ask my India-visiting friends (a horde of them, as it were!) to get back for me. One artist whose recordings I love to get is Ustad Rashid Khan. I recall a recording of his performance of Raag Des that I had heard (thanks to the Internet). And then my mind shifts to the late great Pancham. And I remember the Des phrase (titaliyo.n se sunaa) in pyaar hu_aa chupake se from his swan song 1942: A Love Story. And then I start humming the opening of that song. All of a sudden, I realise I'm humming another R D song (lost regretfully in the morass of a bad movie). And I switch to laa laas. And I remember a friend's remark about why he thought RDB was great: RDB could make the same tune sound different (something I agreed with my friend that Jatin-Lalit were often capable of doing too...). I smile. The second song? roz roz aa.Nkho.n tale from Jeeva.

mystery song time: In a discussion about RDB, Harish manages to extract useful trivia, and then tells me about this song he's listening to called duuriyaa.N sab miTaa do. A Lata number he says, and it's pukkaa RD. Still a long way away from completely committing to memory all the songs that RD ever composed, I tried a few lookups (including a general Google search) and came up with squat. Aah, a rare song, I said. I managed to get a copy to listen to. Right from the get go (pleasant guitars, an interesting melody) I get the vibe of Bappi Lahiri at his best doing as close a Pancham-esque song as he could. The way Lata sang sab miTaa do immediately sent me into an alternative aural world with BL singing the same song. It had his stamp all over it. And I already knew this was no RDB song. But I found little information online. The only hint I have is that it might from his songtrack for the Ramsay horror[sic] flick called Saboot starring Navin Nischol. And it was indeed from Saboot. Time for an ISB submission.

Page and Brin's blog is a cute sendup on the creators of Google {link courtesy: Googleblog}.

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