Thursday, December 11, 2003

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Harish points me to a segment in Rediff's 2003: the Year that Was slide show dedicated to the Bollywood showman[sic] Subhash Ghai's starting a new "international" film academy. Cool photograph I must say. The rest of the news sends me swinging between shrieks and guffaws.

And then we have official news about Qayamat being a box office hit. Despite the salacious image of Ajay Devgan caressing non-actress Neha Dhupia's rear end against a reefy background, the film is an action-thriller (aka a ripoff, in this case of The Rock)

The insanity of a splurge of patents filed (and granted) for information age services despite existence of some variant of prior art continues, and what better exploration of the issue than a /. thread ?

Bollywood goes technology-gagged again as producer Sajid Nadiadwala imports motion-capture equipment from abroad. The Matrix movies were enough to inform our Bollywood film producers about motion-capture. I mean, these guys have probably never followed the technological aspects of film making, let alone heard of DVD special features. The average Matrix fan can probably deliver a more engaging report on the techniques involved, than these dudes who managed to shell out the (black) money to import this equipment for a 4-minute sequence in Mujhse Shaadi Karogi. That means "will you marry me?", and raises the question: what role would motion capture play in such a flick? Akshay Kumar waxes eloquent about the equipment (and adds fuel to my fire of "these guys have never heard of DVD special features"). It must be noted that AK also starred in Jaani Dushman and Awara Paagal Deewana, both of which heavily (and cheaply) ripped off The Matrix. This would mark a hattrick for him. {see also: a rediff report}

And here we have a poster (courtesy: IndiaFM) of the forthcoming Sanjay Dutt starrer Rudraksh (my favourite city Pune, the recent fave for movie premieres, will host this one too!). The plot is all over the place (and there's also a 75-metre-tall monster somewhere in there), and I wonder what the sources are (I'm sure there are a few obvious ones, but I'm not thinking yet). Alternative interpretations are below the poster.

rudraksh poster from IndiaFM

* the burning question is: whose cooking turn is it today?

* will someone squash that bug please?

* we all need haircuts don't we? who's first?

* these are what the tax collectors really look like ...

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