Monday, December 29, 2003

aimee and jaguar/kucch to hai

aimee and jaguar is a foreign/cross-genre films (a lesbian love affair between a German and a Jew in the time of war) that also has its foundation in fact. Embellished for viewing, the film is painfully long, and although there are interesting moments, it was hard to stay focused. the sweeping soundtrack did not help much either. wrong movie at the wrong time.

Kucch to Hai was another failed attempt by K-fetishist (see also: Karan Johar) Ekta Kapoor (responsible for the K-infestation of sick soaps on cable television back home in India) to revive her brother Tusshar Kapoor's film career. The problem with TK is that he's not star material. He's not too bad in the acting department, so a good director, a good script and something non-mainstream should be a better bet. He's paired here with a host of TV familiars and the horrifying Esha Deol (who spends her on-screen time delivering bad lines in a most pathetic fashion, sighing like her mother, and looking like Hrithik Roshan's sister). The film derives its foundation[sic] material from i know what you did last summer, i still know what you did last summer and urban legend. It then packs itself with stupid subplots involving love and rejection, as well as a horde of FF-friendly songs (although Anu Malik scores a cult ace with dil Ding Dong Ding Dole). Despite the interesting turn by Rishi Kapoor, the film's best moment (for me) comes near the opening where Jeetendra (starring in a small role as Ravi -- which also happens to be his real name, TK's father -- which he actually is in real life!) doing a little review of dance steps from his heyday. All else that follows is best sped up till the end. Painful.

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