Friday, August 05, 2005

bits and pieces

Oh yeah baby! Saajan man Sudhakar Bokade is back. The film's called Kabhi Kabhi - You Never Know [followers of the tagline phenomenon might find more fodder here]. After Sambandh slumped into limbo, and a fallout with Dilip Kumar on Kalingaa led to a failed attempt to snuff it all out ingestion of sleeping pills, Bokade fights back with a Yash Chopra assistant named Aviraj {Q: Describe Yasji[sic] in a sentence. A: Yashji is no less than a film institute and it is my privilege working with him. People should be smacked for cheating with compound sentences} as director. Wonder what happened to the film with Lawrence D'Souza that bore the numerologically enhanced moniker of Mooney Mooney Mooney. Let us all relish the irony: after producing the highly successful (why God why?) Saajan, Bokade slapped together most of the same backing team (except the on-screen monkeys) and made Sapne Sajan Ke, which tanked. Perhaps he should have changed the title ... after all, someone was bound to notice that, right?

The BBC Asian Network is running a quiz [link likely to expire after August 12, 2005]. The prizes: mouse mats signed by John Abraham. Better/worse than the prize last time ("a Bollywood CD")?? Sorry, gotta take an extended howling break on this one.

Meanwhile, top-quality Indian entertainment on television rears its shapely head.

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