Friday, August 19, 2005


via JR's post: Kapeesh's post on the nominal undertones of Double Cross: Ek Dhokha. Come to think of it, Ketan Mehta's fat flick is called Mangal Pandey: The Rising and not the other way around. Without the colon, that might well have been a movie about (a) a zombie (b) the undead [see (a)] (c) medical problems [nahii.n laurena!] (d) ma.ngal as an apotheosis of a renewed attempt by the opressed class to rid themselves of the yoke of domination [oh wait, that's what the movie's about, isn't it?]

Bob Moog is no more.

Pool efforts on Internet Advertiser Wakeup Day [November 13] {courtesy: the kind folks at BugMeNot}

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