Wednesday, August 31, 2005

the random article summary HOWTO [from]

1. Take a famous actor (usually to coincide with a new/forthcoming release starring said actor)

2. Ask the usual interesting and perceptive questions (when will you turn to direction? [if you want to, of course]; tell us about this new film of yours, which looks as fresh as used earbuds; tell us about your next film; how did you prepare for this role? [if at all])

3. Ask a random question and use it to derive (with a lot of help from the hyperbolic postulate and differential geometry) a eye-catching title for the interview.

4. Pepper interview with photographs that serve the context (if any)

Bingo! You get An actor who researches on the Net.

Meanwhile, Puneites can rejoice in ticklish glee at another expansion of the good old TLA PMT. 'Tis Pyaar Mein Twist featuring the numerologically challenged Sammir Dattani, old screen pair Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia (for all you nostalgia freaks abroad) and (reportedly) a soundtrack with an RDB hangover.

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