Wednesday, August 17, 2005

eye candy

Noticed while catching up on my Yahoo! Groups: They changed the CSS stylesheets so that the message body now shows up in what looks like Lucida Sans Typewriter (superseding the original choice of Courier New). It's a common font for code samples in technical books, and it looks nice (because it's new, it looks nicer than Courier New, but the magic of novelty will fade away soon). Viewers on Un*x boxes will probably still see Courier New text, unless they've been adventurous with font system configuration.

Would you call Mac OS X on Intel "Ten Little Endian?" (Michael Swaine in his Programming Paradigms column titled "Freon in the Styx" in Dr. Dobb's Journal September 2005)

We are all serving a life-sentence in the dungeon of self (Cyril Connolly, quoted in Harlan Ellison's introduction to Slippage [déjà vu?])

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