Wednesday, August 24, 2005

empower this!

After the wayward wafts on the cigarette smoking ban, Shah Rukh Khan returns with a fresh blast of surreal, post-modern, priapic paragraphs as he writes in the Indian Express about making people wear a smile. This article merits multiple reads, each revealing more facets into a text so rich as to deserve a Joycean plaudit. A few excerpts (which fail to do justice to the source text):

As I see it, our grass is as green as anyone else's. That's why I won't ever do a Hollywood film. Rather I'd like to do a Hindi film that does the business of a Hollywood film

Be it malls in Gurgaon, irrigation in Punjab or computer advancement in Hyderabad: greatness is happening every day. We're unaware of it but we're definitely not worse than what we were 50 years ago.

Disinvestment and the removal of Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA) show that all this is an educated process. And we aren't just following any monkey business. We're empowered in thought and that's crucial.

It's very simple: if I want to make a TV film for children, I will do something like PlayStation.

Make no mistake, I stand for empowerment of escapism

And while you're there, take a look at the comments, which provide another alternative reality that seems like home for verbiage like this [thanks to AD for pointing me to the Read comment[s] link down at the bottom past the Google ads)

Interviews that didn't measure up on the DaliDevice include an imaginatively titled blurb in the Indian Express called Watch this man (SRK and Tag Heuer) and Suderman's collection of fragments that made it to the Hindu. An excerpt from the latter:

Q: You've been working mostly with people who are your friends...

A: That's not true. Everyone asks me. But I've worked with first time director Nikhil Advani.

Q: That was written and produced by Karan Johar.

A: Farah had never directed a film. Even Karan and Adi were first time directors when I did their films.

Oh yeah! Hey, people who write HTML for The Indian Express and The Tabloid of India: Get some brains and smarts and stop using MSFT/WYSIWYG bloated editors and pasting text abundant in rich quotes and special characters that look like your dog's behind on a lot of browsers. Get off your lazy butt and give us some lightweight pages instead of treating us to XML Schema dumps from MSFT Word.

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