Saturday, August 27, 2005

music playing on the overhead speakers at Octane [august 27, 2005]

What is Octane? A coffee bar and lounge on Howell Mill Rd near Marietta St. {more} Great place. Lots of space. Minimalist in tone. No frills. No chain-and-franchise-inflicted cool. Free WiFi hotspot. My favourite beverage: a large mocha coolant.

And now on with some selections from the massively variegated shuffle:

* Bungalow Bill / The Beatles

* Drive / The Cars

* We Like the cars / Le Tigre (no idea; looked it up online)

* I Am the Walrus / The Beatles

* You got it / Roy Orbison

* All the day and all of the night / The Kinks (rumour has it that Jimmy Page made a contribution on the record; the Doors stole the riff for Hello, I love you)

* Boogie Shoes / KC and the Sunshine Band

* One Way or Another / Blondie

* Video killed the radio star / the Buggles (ko_ii yahaa.N aahaa naache naache)

Also looking forward to Eric Clapton's new album Back Home, a laidback upbeat effort that seems to be in the Reptile vein. {review, sample track/video}

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