Thursday, August 25, 2005

give 'em power

Not long after the latest bit of spatchcocking from SRK, we have soon-to-be-Ambar Preity Zinta voicing her thoughts about her recent 'Operation Clean-up' in an Indiatimes Movies [Filmfare being the print avataar] interview. The interview is presented rather irritatingly (whaddya expect? these guys share the same intellect as the people responsible for hosting and posting to the Tabloid of India) as a set of pages with lots of ugly links all around and a small section in the upper-top dedicated to some ugly text and a large ogleworthy photograph of Ms Zinta (it's a different one on each page). Talk about screwing up your perception of the purpose of the article. Oh well. The gems (should you be patient enough to tear your eyes off that eye candy and wade through those teensy-weensy links at the bottom) are not as rewarding as SurReal Khan, but enough to revive the titters:

Its 2005, why are the other countries in the world not so dirty? Why is India so full of filth?

The importance of garbage removal is not to take it out of Bandra and put it in Deonar, in the dumping grounds. They will expire the grounds there, too. They need to set up a recycling factory, and if the government is incapable of handling the garbage they should privatize it. Look at the airline industry, at one time it was monopolized by one airline, today we have so many. It's so much better for the consumer; we have the best airlines in the world.

I think Mumbai is turning like America; psychos are coming out and killing people.

Our judicial system is so slow and weak that we actors have now become victims of yellow journalism. (incidentally, the photograph accompanying the fragment containing this gem features PZ in a dress that contains the colour mentioned!)

{via uma}. Could someone tell them to stop using Microsoft Word with the default language setting of "English (US)" to type and publish pages on an Indian film rag? It's "travelling" back home and not "traveling" (unless you've in-sourced the damn thing).

There's more Bombay/Mumbai idiocy from Raj Thackeray [should be Thakre?] with Bombay/Mumbai Godfather ... It's Deepak Balraj Vij. I mean, who cares?

Elsewhere, Kay Kay Menon gets some more newsarticle time thanks to the success of Sarkar. Yo! it's time to give Black Friday {music review} and Paanch some breathing space. Release them. NOW!

Elsewhere, a long post by yours truly about a Harlan Ellison compilation sees the light on Mount Helicon. And --- BlAm! --- it's already getting it's share of comment spam. Can it now!

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